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Products are becoming increasingly complex. The classic requirements such as design, functionality and quality are not always enough to remain competitive. Safety aspects, environmental guidelines, operational safety, acoustic behavior, operation, ergonomics, service life, lasting value, recyclability or disposal are playing an increasingly important role. In addition, service friendliness, manufacturing aspects, packaging and assembly must also be taken into account so that the products and processes are economically effective.

Thanks to integrated product development, we consider the entire product life cycle. Our engineers and designers are not only fixated on the product to be created, but use a holistic way of thinking and thus consider all aspects in the pre-development phase in order to avoid later costs. We use state-of-the-art technologies for virtual product development right through to the prototype.

When it comes to the realization of successful products, development and design, construction and function are particularly important and must harmonize with each other. We support our customers right from the start in finding an efficient solution to their tasks and designing individual and unusual designs for you, in which construction and functionality are in harmony with the appearance of the product.

Economical, functional and innovative design


From the product idea to the tool-specific design:

For optimal, custom-fit products according to your ideas, we offer development, design and, if desired, prototyping from a single source.

We support you with our material and production know-how so that mature and innovative solutions are created that precisely meet customer requirements and at the same time perform optimally in production. This saves time, money and costly repairs.



When developing products, you have the opportunity to use the most modern prototyping processes: volume models, milling models, laser intermodels and stereolithography models and vacuum casting.

Even in the early development phases, prototyping helps to optimize your products in order to achieve maximum functionality and economical production options.

Our prototypes also enable initial handling and ergonomics tests or you can use them in focus group surveys and consumer tests. Prototypes can also be used for advertising measures or trade fair appearances long before the first production samples.



Our development and construction department designs product designs and constructions together with partners who have been tried and tested for many years using modern application systems (Solid Works).

The criteria for plastic-compatible and demoulding-compatible applications are incorporated into the development process. This is how products and tools are created that later function optimally in the production process.

Product design and development


For successful product aesthetics, we combine design with the necessary functionality. With proven partners from product design, we develop products tailored to your requirements as a customer. Based on your work processes, the cooperation takes place either with our engineers and product designers, your professionals or developers suggested by you. We adapt flexibly to your internal requirements and processes.

Design sketches and drafts are visualized for initial coordination using 2D and 3D representations, implemented and modeled ready for tools.

To illustrate and test the design and functions, models can be created quickly and inexpensively (design models based on 3D CAD and STL, principle models, volume models and functional models).


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